In-TAC recognized by CIC for commitment to helping newcomers integrate into Canadian labour market

The International Talent Acquisition Centre ( In-TAC) was recently awarded Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s prestigious IQN Workplace Integration Award for its program Maple 2.0 – Mentorship in Action.

Senior Manager, Ying Xie and National Program Manager, Carmen Muñoz had the honour of accepting the award on behalf of the OCCSC, from Mr. Costas Menegakis, Parliamentary Secretary to Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister.

MAPLE 2.0 – Mentorship in Action Program is a national program that connects employers with Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) through 4 to 12-week internship placements. It creates employment opportunities for new immigrants and helps employers enhance their intercultural understanding. The program is based in Ottawa, managed by In-TAC, and works in partnership with ISSofBC in Vancouver and Immigrant Services Calgary. Launched in 2010, the program was created to ensure that Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) can access more relevant employment opportunities in Canada within a shorter period of time.

Over the past three years, Maple 2.0 has successfully helped over 500 Internationally Educated Professionals gain Canadian work experience in their fields of expertise. MAPLE 2.0 not only matches IEPs with local companies, it also ensures that the program’s 400 employer partners across Canada receive the support and training necessary to break down the barriers to hiring and retaining newcomer professionals. The mandatory Cultural Competency Training for employers, and the workplace mentorship exchange between supervisors and IEPs, have proven to be effective ways of promoting intercultural understanding in the workplace and beyond.

The IQN is an online forum where employers, regulatory bodies, governments, and immigrant-serving organizations can share best practices in foreign credential assessment and recognition. The Workplace Integration Award recognizes initiatives that provide support for labour market integration to help newcomers integrate quickly and fully.

The OCCSC was honoured to be recognized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada for its commitment to supporting the successful integration of Internationally Educated Professionals into Canadian society.